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Conducting Cheese Tasting
Cheese tastings can be great opportunities to build business and generate reputation. The following tips will ensure your cheese tasting is a success:
* Before starting the tasting, ensure all cheeses have been brought to room temperature.
* Position the cheeses on a platter or board so they are not
touching, in order of their flavour strength: fresh, white mould, semi-soft, washed rind, hard and blue.
* Ensure there's a separate knife for each cheese.
* Instruct your customers in the art of cheese tasting as follows:
- They should begin by examining the cheese's exterior and noting the colour and texture of its rind (where applicable).
- Then a piece of cheese should be cut and picked up by the thumb and two fingers. The body of the cheese should be assessed by squeezing it gently.
- The aroma of the cheese should be observed.
- To taste, a decent bite-sized piece should be chewed slowly, to mix the cheese with air and saliva so it covers all the taste buds. Each cheese will have a number of different flavours which can be determined with consideration.
- Before proceeding to the next cheese, the palate should be refreshed with a bite of plain water cracker (not salty cracker) and a sip of water or wine. If a cheese with particularly strong aroma has been handled, hands should be washed before proceeding to the next cheese.

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