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Cauliflower Panna Cotta, Apple and Beetroot Jelly with Smoked Salmon
Panna Cotta
500g cauliflower
750ml Anchor Cooking Cream
salt, to taste
8 sheets gelatine
350ml water
250ml orange juice
20g ginger
3 large beetroots, peeled
4 sheets gelatine
1 apple
50g smoked salmon
½ sheet Puff Pastry
20g baby herbs
Anchor Culinary Cream
Panna Cotta
Boil cauliflower in cream until soft. Add salt and puree cream and cauliflower. Soften gelatine in cold water, add to cream mix. Taste and adjust seasoning, allow to set in dariole moulds.
Combine water, orange juice and ginger. (This will be poaching stock for the beetroot). Add beetroot and cook until beetroot is soft. Remove 2 beetroots and allow to cool. Puree the remaining beetroot with the poaching stock, return to heat and reduce by half.
Once reduced, soften gelatine and add to beetroot stock. Allow to cool.
Finely dice 1 cheek of the apple and 1 beetroot. Mix with the stock and allow to set in dariole moulds.
Cut the puff pastry into 1cm thick, 10cm long strips and bake until golden brown.
Tip :
This original recipe was created by Chloe Dent (4th year Apprentice Chef, New South Wales) as part of the Fonterra Foodservice Proud to be a Chef 2011 Apprentice Chef program.

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