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Cheese Production
Formed in 2001 when New Zealand’s two largest dairy cooperatives merged with the New Zealand Dairy Board, Fonterra is now the world’s largest exporter of dairy products.
As New Zealand’s largest company and a global dairy business, Fonterra is involved in largescale milk procurement, processing and management, with a supply chain spanning more than 140 countries.
The company has NZ$11.8 billion in total assets and revenues of NZ$13 billion and employs more than 18,000 people worldwide. In Australia, Fonterra has revenues of $1.9 billion, processes 21 per cent of all Australian milk and employs over 2,000 people. This makes Fonterra very much an Australasian company.
Fonterra has recently brought together seven different Australian companies into a single cow-to-customer integrated business. This has included assuming full ownership of Bonlac Foods Limited and creating our own milk collection company, Fonterra Milk Australia.
International exports
Some of Australia's oldest and most trusted dairy brands, such as Perfect Italiano and Western Star are now part of the extensive Fonterra range, alongside brands like Anchor and Mainland.
With recognition of the Fonterra Foodservices name growing across the Australian market, our focus and commitment today is to become the leading dairy supplier to the foodservice sector.

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