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Commitment to Quality
Fonterra Foodservice is committed to providing quality dairy products and practical solutions to our foodservice end-users.
Fonterra’s commitment to quality begins with the raw milk used to make our products. All the farms which supply us must conform to strict quality parameters, and our own team of field officers conducts regular audits.
Fonterra’s production sites are required to comply with a quality management system embracing a comprehensive range of monitoring and audit processes, including ISO9000 independent certification, audits by regulatory agencies and major customers, and our own internal audit procedures.
Our dedication to quality extends throughout all stages of the production process. In fact, at the final stage of production all Fonterra Foodservices’ dairy products are subjected to an extensive testing regime before they’re released for sale – a final checkpoint to ensure all relevant quality and food safety parameters have been signed off.
So when you buy from the extensive Fonterra Foodservices range, you can do so in the confidence that you're purchasing consistently high quality products.

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